Stupid Ferry Part Deux

Warning- Foul language and sarcasm ahead.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation received a $500,000 grant to hire consultants to explore potential routes and boats for a ferry.

 “The feasibility study might come back and say maybe it’s not financially feasible for us to do this. Right now the federal money is available and we want to be sure that we use the money to see whether or not this is possible.” Said idiot state big shot suffering from amnesia.

I swear he said that! I’m not making this shit up.

The last time the stupid ferry was up and running, the state spent 34 million on essential related equipment like custom made docks, which they sold for 425 grand in bankruptcy. They gave everything away for pennies on the dollar after they got their ass beat in court by the Sierra Club.

So, maybe Maine and Nova Scotia need another ferry that they can pick up cheap after these morons get done this time?

The Sierra Club which opposed the Superferry last time worries it will spread invasive species according to their grand poobah.

My Prediction- The Sierra Club will sue the shit out of the state of Hawaii again. And win. If, the state starts moving forward with the ferry plan. You can bet your ass on it.

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