The webcam is down and there are no plans to replace it at this time.

When the whales are here you will see them anywhere on the horizon. If you’re looking at the ocean and see what appears to be a puff of smoke on the horizon, you’ve just seen a whale spout.

 In late April the whales migrate back to Alaska. Dolphins are seen year round. Morning time is usually the best time to see them. I usually see dolphins straight out in front of our house within a couple hundred yards of the shoreline.

What you’re seeing through the webcam is the view from our lanai. To the right just over Kailua Bay you will see a small beach with some homes. That’s Kona Bay Estates.

To the right is the Kailua Pier that you can’t see. That’s where the world famous Ironman race is started. You will be able to watch the swim portion right here live, the turn around is just to the left of the palm trees straight ahead at the coast.

Just before Kona Bay Estates on this side of the bay is the Royal Kona Resort, that’s the kind of gold looking building with 6 stories that you can see to your right.

The massive condo complex across the street is Alii Cove. Across from there is a nice little beach called Honl’s. That’s where the boogie board was invented. Actually if the cruise ship is here look at the tree line at the coast below the ship, that’s where Honl’s is.

Looking straight out over the house with 2 telephone poles close together you are likely to see dolphins in the mornings. Usually within a 100 yards of the shoreline.

Looking south you see Kona Sea Ridge Villas condos, then if you zoom the cam to the max you’ll see the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa, formally known as the Kona Surf Hotel. This is site of the world famous Manta Ray night dives.


Tropical Flowers

If you point the webcam down in the garden you will see lots of tropical flowers, red, yellow and pink Hibiscus. Yellow is the state flower.

The garden also has tea leaf and heliconia, which is often mistaken for bird of paradise. The ground cover towards the sidewalk is cuphea.

The only thing missing is plumeria, eventually we’ll get around to adding it.

Last but not least
BodyGlove boat, Spirit of Kona boat, UFO para sail, Atlantis submarine, these are all seen on the webcam on a regular basis. Whales are seen in the winter months from late December to early April.

The UFO para sail and the Atlantis submarine run 7 days a week.

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