Kona Village Update Aug. 2013

Kona Village Beach

According to an article in West Hawaii Today, aka, yesterday’s news next week.  Kona Village is going to have this that and the other added to the rebuild.  West Hawaii Today had a big headline that said “Kona Village Plans Unvieled”.

The details were gathered from a letter a Hilo attorney representing Kona Village sent to the Hawaii County planning directer in March.

“Those plans were outlined in a March 19 letter from Steven Lim, a Hilo attorney representing Kona Village Investors LLC, to Bobby Jean Leithead Todd, former Hawaii County planning director”.

It’s mid August now… breaking news huh?  The article just didn’t live up to its billing as far as I’m concerned. Yes, it mentioned they’re going to build a new Presidential suite, blah, blah, blah.  But no time line! When I read “plans unveiled” I’m expecting to see a projected date the resort is going to open. No such luck in the WHT piece.

The good news is that it looks like KVR will stay fairly close to the old style of the original resort. I don’t doubt they would have built the monstrosity pictured below if they thought they could get away with it.

Kona Village 4 Seasons

Update to the update:  One of my spies sent me a link to the Hilo newspaper that has the WHOLE article. I thought it was goof at the end of the WHT piece they mentioned they couldn’t get in touch with Partmann. He wasn’t even mentioned in the WHT piece.

Here’s an interesting update to the story from Facebook. 8-22-13

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  1. Just wanted you to know that we love the pics and info you post about the Hawaii and, esp. the Big Island. We try to got over there as often as $$ permits but have not been there since ’09. We have discovered that there are many places to stay and eat and visit that won’t break the bank. Manago Hotel and the Hilo Bay Hostel are a couple that come to mind.
    Have you searched out other economic gems? Plans are to try and get to paradise again next year, with luck.
    Moving there would be real nice too… 🙂

    • Joe Trent says:

      Glad you like the site. Yes the Manago Hotel is quite a gem. I don’t much about the Hilo side except expect rain when visiting. 🙂

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