Kona Village Resort

Kona Village Resort

Kona Village Resort Will Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Update September 7th, 2013:
According a couple of different sources, Kona Village is officially shut down. There aren’t much details other than the crews that were working to rebuild the village have been laid off and an email has been sent out to various travel agency’s saying KVR is shutting down permanently.

Here is a post on the Save Kona Village Facebook page discussing the recent closing.


Update March 2011:
Kona Village was closed indefinitely as a result of the tsunami that struck the big island on March 11, 2011

Kona Village Resort is about as close to sleeping on the beach as you can get and still sleep in a bed.

The thing you have to understand is this place is like the uncola of resorts, if you remember the old 7up commercial.

What I’m trying to say is this is not your traditional style concrete block building resort. Oh no, here each guest has their own personal “hale.”

What is a hale you ask? It’s a little grass shack with a good bed. There is no phone or television in your hale. Not to worry, it’s not totally primitive. There is a phone on the property if you just have to use one. Cell phones are frowned upon in the common areas.

If your frazzled and need to decompress and rejuvenate your spirit. This is the place.

Kona Village Resort is located 6.2 miles north of Kona International Airport. Turn left at the rock wall sign that says Hualalai Resort at historic Ka’upulehu.

Hualalai Sign

The entrance to Kona Village is just a little ways up on the right side. The sign is small, so keep a sharp eye out looking for it.

Then you meander down this little two lane road surrounded by lava all the time wondering where and the heck am I going? This doesn’t look like any post card of paradise that I’ve ever seen!

Relax, your almost there and it really is a Hawaiian paradise with lush greenery everywhere, wild bird song and hundreds of coconut trees gently swaying in the balmy Hawaiian breeze.

The beach at this resort is excellent, no rocks, nice sandy bottom. The resort provides kayaks, boogie boards, snorkel gear and just recently purchased some high performance canoes all for guests of the resort to use at no extra charge.

Scuba diving and deep sea fishing are available at additional cost.

So what if you’re more of the stay on the beach kind of person? No problem, there’s plenty things to do while remaining completely dry. Like arts and crafts, historical, botanical and Petroglyph tours just to name a few.

If you have little whippers there’s a children’s program, for (6-12 year olds) to keep them busy. Except in May and September when the resort is for adults only.

Another neat feature of the resort is if you want to go exploring the big island in your rental car they’ll even pack you a box lunch, no extra charge.

This is as close to Gilligans island as you’re ever going to get in Hawaii. Except you get to leave when ever you want. Did I mention all the paths are dirt and so is the parking lot?

Is it spendy? Oh you betcha! Is it worth it? Absolutely. There is nothing like Kona Village on any of the other Hawaiian islands.


  1. Ray Nualla says:

    Kona Village was “Heaven On Earth” It was not only the
    wonderful property itself, but all that worked at Kona Village.
    They made you feel like family. OHANA.

    I stayed there the first time 30 years ago before the new
    highway. It took over an hour to get there from the Kailua
    Kona Airport. I had the good fortune to stay there two times.
    The original manager’s name was Barbara and I believe she still
    lives on the Big Island.

    Kona Village was definitely Special

    Ray Nualla/Little World Travel

  2. Are people still allowed on the property?

  3. Bruce Brainerd says:

    Kona Village R.I.P.!

  4. kirk lorenz says:

    any news on kona village?

    who can we contact for more info?

    • There’s a Save Kona Village Facebook page. They keep up with the latest such as this:

  5. M. Grimes says:

    You forgot to mention the Hawaiian cowboy steak fry and show…fantastic. So sad to see KVR in it’s current state! We hope it will come back soon.

  6. Natasha Kregoski says:

    Sad to see it close….it was steve Jobs favorite hangout.

  7. the artist idea. just another inn.

  8. artist idea.just another hotel.

  9. kona is Heaven on earth.

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