Kiholo Bay State Park Reserve

Kiholo Bay State Park Reserve is located about 10 miles north of the Kona airport via the Queen “K” highway between mile marker 83 and 84.

Mile Marker 83 before Kiholo Bay

After you pass mile marker 83 keep an eye out for the sign on the right showing the entry on the left.


kiholo bay sign left

The entrance  is just past this sign on the ocean side of the road.

kiholo bay entrance-w600

The road is unpaved, but rental cars can easily make it since the road was redone. Probably could have before, just a lot easier on the car now.
kiholo bay road -w600
kiholo bay hours sign-w600-w600

Just like the sign says, the gate is closed from 7PM to 7AM April 1 to Labor Day. And from 6PM To 7AM After labor day to March 3

Private gate at Kiholo Bay

Above is a private gate on the right. Keep going straight ahead.

Kiholo Bay fork in the road. Camping left. Day use right.

When you come to the fork in the road either way is going to get you to the beach. But going left will shorten the walk. Going straight is better if you want to park and explore the northern part of the state park area.

kiholo bay sign rules


Kiholo Bay turn around at end of road.

Once you reach the end of the road, there is this turnaround. Portable bathrooms are on the right just out of this picture. Parking is just before this. It’s not a very big parking area.

After parking, walk straight ahead and you’ll be at the beach in just a minute. If you turn left when coming to the shoreline and head south, you come to a beautiful black sand beach in just a few minutes.

Just off in the distance is Loretta Lynn’s old house. Entry to the ocean here is pretty much rock free. But remember, there are no life guards here, you’re on your own if you get into trouble. Snorkel with a friend if possible. And don’t go far from shore.  Kahaluu beach park is really better for snorkeling anyways. And it has 2 life guards.

Kiholo Black Sand Beach


Today, I turned right and headed north along the shoreline.
kiholo bay north path-w600

After just a few minutes I came around the bend and there is a private home just ahead. Keep an eye out for Honu (turtles) along the beach. Take all the photos you want, just no touchy touchy. Federal offense. They’re endangered.  After all that, I didn’t see any today. But you might.
kiholo bay nortern path

Dr. Bakken who invented the pacemaker runs his business out of the above mentioned private estate. Stay walking along the shoreline when you pass his place, or else you’ll be meeting security.

kiholo bay beach past drs house


Just past the Dr’s place is the famous Bali house built by Paul Mitchell hair products owner.  The story goes it was built in Thailand and then dismantled and brought to the big island and reassembled as you see it here.

kiholo bay bali house

Make sure to bring water. There are no stores close by. A hat and sun tan lotion are a good idea too.

Continuing north along the shoreline there is a whole other section to explore. But I forgot my hat, suntan lotion, water… and had to end todays visit before I turned into a crispy critter. Stay tuned…

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  1. Care Hawaii says:

    Wow, next time keep going! Further down is a beautiful lagoon. And on your way in did you notice the Queen’s Bath, a natural bath-cave in the earth?

  2. Helen Demay says:

    Thanks Joe,
    This was extremely helpful.

  3. Me again. That was wonderful and a must see when we come to Kona. Such a great way to let us know more about the pic a real plus. Mahalo nui loa Joe. Donna

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