Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Update July 2011 – After 5 trips to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park I still find new things to see. In 2009 Chain of Craters road to the sea was closed, this time it was open and we drove all the way to the bottom.

The last time I was on Chain of Craters road was over 10 years ago, this time we saw stuff along the road that I didn’t remember in the past.  There are a half a dozen huge craters that you can stop off and check out. There are areas to pull off the side of the road and look 50 plus miles down the coast. Truly spectacular.

And trails, if you’re into hiking, you can spend days at the park just hiking all the different trails. If you’re a stay close to the car kind of person, you can easily make a day out of driving around the park and seeing all the cool things.

Hawaii volcanoes national park is home of the most active volcano in the world. It’s been flowing steadly since 1983.  The park is located about 90 miles south of Kailua Kona. Over 1 million people a year come to Hawaii just to see the volcano here on the big island.

Of course  the flowing lava is the main attraction but there are many other  cool things to see in the national park. Thurston lava tube, Volcanoe House and Jagger museum are other things you should see while at the park.

The park is located at about 2,000 feet elevation and is very cool compared to lower elevations so make sure you dress like you’re going to the mountains and not the beach. Because you are!

You could spend a week at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that’s how much cool stuff there is to see there.  The park even has it’s own hotel. Volcano House. Don’t expect 5 star though, it’s more like motel than hotel.  But it does have a great view of Halemaumau crater which is still glowing at night as of the time of this writing. 2009.


  1. Carmel Duran says:

    where can I learn more about VOG and areas of the big island that are affected.. One in my family has asthma.. Would Kauai be a better choice.. We have visited, Oahu, Maui and Kauai.. I like the prices of Kona much better.. and the island has less people!

    • Google it and start reading is all I can tell you. The north end of the island has the least amount of VOG. But it’s been pretty Voggy this week and I wouldn’t doubt they had some even at the north end of the island. I know they’re all complaining about on Oahu the last few days. They’ve even had it in Kauai. The big island would be the last place a person with asthma should live.

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