Getting to Kona

Getting to here is easy. Kona International airport has an 11,000 foot run way and can handle any aircraft flying.

One of the things I love about the Kona airport is you walk down the stairs right out the door of the aircraft. No jet way! Just like the plane in the photo below.

Hawaiian Airlines Jet

There are a few direct flights from the U.S. mainland to Kona from San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

Hawaiian Airlines non-stop California to Hawaii Travel Deals!

Hawaiian Airlines non-stop Seattle to Hawaii Travel Deals!

Hawaiian Airlines Bay Area Travel Deals!

Update: Hawaiian now fly’s direct to and from New York city.

The airlines that fly direct are:

    • Hawaiian Airlines
    • American Airlines
    • United Airlines
    • Delta
    • Alaska
    • US Air

Out of the domestic airlines listed above I like Hawaiian the best. It just has that aloha feeling when you board. The others simply don’t have that, and you can’t transmit something you don’t have. Plus Hawaiian has one of the best on time records of any airline flying these days.

Here’s my opinion of the airlines serving Kona.

  • United Airlines just doesn’t have that aloha feeling when I travel with them.
  • American Airlines Ditto. Plus the last time I used them 3 our 5 flights were late.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has a nice lounge if you’re in first class or a Premier Club member. Plus they have one of the best on time records of any airline. (Except when I’m on the plane it seems.)My favorite airline for traveling back and forth from the mainland is Hawaiian. It use to be Aloha, but since they were run out of business by GO, Hawaiian’s my new “team”. I’ll miss the warm chocolate chip cookie and milk an hour out.The great thing about Hawaiian Airlines though is their miles program is easy to use and they don’t seem to have a lot of hoops to jump through to use it. I have a lot of miles with American and trying to redeem them to travel on my schedule is not easy.If you’re flying your own jet, click here for the best FBO in Kona.It’s only a 35 minute flight from Honolulu to Kona. Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines both have flights almost every hour to Kona from Honolulu.

I’ve never used Alaska, but I know a lot of people here that do and say they’re great. So they would be my second choice.

What about ground transportation?

If you’re are renting a car then you can get the low down by reading our rental car information page with tips for visitors. Kona Rental Car Info

Kona airport limo, SpeediShuttle or take a taxi? Click here. 



  1. Tara Parcesepe-Olsen says:

    Will probably never know 🙁

  2. In the 1980's American knew how to fly to Honolulu. Attendants were in Hawaiian clothing, and we were fed Hawaiian treats – even in coach.

  3. At the time I wrote the above article Delta didn't fly here. Someday I'll update it.

  4. You forgot Delta..

  5. I just flew back to Kona via U.S. Airways. You would have thought it was just another flight going somewhere like Ca.

    There was no Hanahou magazine listing all the cool things to see and do in Hawaii. No cool videos of things to see and do in Hawaii. It was BLAND BLAND BLAND. BLAND is OK if you're going to some big city, but when you're going to Hawaii, you want festive, aloha, excitement. U.S. Airways had none of that.

    If this is your 1st time visiting, do yourself a favor and book with Hawaiian Airlines. It's totally worth it. Really.

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