Cheap Flights To Hawaii

If you’re wondering when and where are the best places to book cheap flights to Hawaii, lets start with where.  I personally haven’t used a travel agent in years. I book all my flights through the airlines website.  But I almost always use the same airline which is Hawaiian because I like to support the home team.  You may be able to save money using a travel agent and if moneys tight, I’d recommend calling one to compare ticket prices to the published fares from the airlines website. Sometimes travel agents have access to wholesale prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

When is the best time to book?

An easy rule of thumb is if it’s snowing on the mainland as in winter time, flights to Hawaii are going to be the most expensive.  Same goes for hotels and rental cars.  Speaking of rental cars, do not show up here without a reservation because there is a very good chance that you won’t get a car. They do sell out on a regular basis during the high season.

Another thing about cheap flights is if you get some smokin low price offer from the airline, you better book while it’s available. These offers get sold out fast.  I’ve bought some cheap tickets to the mainland over the years because I jumped on these deals as soon as I heard about them. And I’ve paid the price for procrastinating.

A good example of not buying a ticket at the best price was back in December I got an email from Hawaiian Airlines offering trips to the mainland for $520 or so.  I thought to myself “I’ll wait till January when they’re cheaper”  Guess what? I just paid $680. Crap.

If you have a favorite airline, get on their mailing list so you’ll get notified when the airline is going to have a big fare sale. That’s probably one of the best ways to find cheap flights  at the best price. Visit our getting to Kona page for more information about which airlines fly direct to Kona.


  1. Lily Young says:

    Is there Feery go from one Island to another? and is cheaper then flight?

    • Joe Trent says:

      Aloha Lily,

      Unfortunately no. There was for a very short time, but it was put out of business due to lawsuits by various groups claiming it was going to spread invasive species from one island to another and some other reason I can’t recall right now.

      The cheapest inter-island air fare is probably Mokulele or Island Air. They fly turbo props instead of jets like Hawaiian Airlines.

  2. Anonymous says:

    moving to Oahu next month, I have 6 thousand, do you think that will be enough? I'm single just me, I will need a place, and car.

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