Beach day in Kona.


New Format & Other Changes


Since 2006 this website has had a static front webpage. It’s time for a change! From now on the the latest posts are going to be on the front page. Here are some photos taken over the last week.    Every day for the last 15 months I’ve posted a photo at Konafriends Facebook page. […]

Waipio Valley… The Real Hawaii

Waipio Valley

I haven’t been to Wiapio in years and seeing it again was almost like going the first time. It was AMAZING! The water falls were flowing, there were 4 of them that I don’t recall seeing in the past. Below are the photos of them and more.

7 Honu At Honokohau National Park


My orders yesterday were to come up with honu (sea turtle) and dolphins.  I delivered on the honu, struck out on the dolphins.   It’s just as well, the kids heads would have exploded from too much excitement had I showed them honu AND dolphins in the same day. Honokohau National Park usually has a […]

Kona Staycation June 30 to July 13

Tropical Fish - Snorkeling in Kona

Honu and dolphins are today’s request. We’ll see if I can deliver the goods. Will post pics later today on Facebook. – If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m on vacation with visiting family for the next week or so. We’re not interested in spending a fortune, so we’ll be doing Hawaii on the […]