Best View In Kona For Sale $1.2 Million

House For Sale Flyer

Today we had our second open house. One couple in particular came and took a look. He’s in auto repair, and his wife loved the house. I hope they buy the place. I would love it if a car guy took over. A good tech could movin on a weekend and start making money on […]

Aloha Mr. Sato

Mr. Sato

Hidetaka “Paisan” Sato was my friend. I knew him as Mr. Sato.  As you will notice in the photo, he was still smoking even into his late 80’s. My hero! Though he did cut down to just a couple a day at this point. Mr. Sato had been coming to my shop for many years. […]

Getting ready for open house. Sunday from 10 to 3


It’s a beautiful day. About 78 degrees. I’d rather be at the beach, but have to get the house ready to show tomorrow. The photo above would be your view if you bought this place.

Friday sunset.


This is one of those I should’ve done this a long time ago things…


I’m using this cool app on my phone now that I can post pictures directly here. Up your s Facebook. We have a visiting cruise ship today. I don’t know the name of it. I’ll look for it at lunchtime.

No More Konafriends On Facebook

Kailua Kona

I just deleted the Konafriends Facebook page. I put a tremendous amount of photos there over a period of years only to be rewarded by Facebook wanting me to pay them to show my posts to people who liked the page. No thanks. I will continue to keep track of my kids on FB, but […]