Best View In Kona For Sale $1.2 Million


    This is just one of hundreds of great photos shot from the lanai over the last 9 years.  

TMT Will Be Sunk Without Compromise

Thirty Meter Telescope

  I’ve been watching the news with interest the last couple of weeks. What first appeared to be a small group against the telescope has now started to gain support world wide.  Shoulda picked Chile is all I can say. As usual, the outside of Hawaii influences that want to build the TMT are going […]

Sam & Jessica Get Surnames & Photos

Photo by gdcgraphics

      Sam Stone played by Ryan Gosling   Photo by gdcgraphics   Jessica Walters and Sam Stone are going to be their names.  Jessica is NOT going to be a detective. At least not today anyways. Jessica is a psychiatrist from California that wants to move to Hawaii. This is the danger of […]

Sam & Jessica Outline Day 2

Working on Sam and Jessica outline.

This is the daily view from my writing perch. Since I write a lot of notes by hand, I have to wait until there is enough light to be able to read them.  I’ve just started moving the outline to a spreadsheet in Google docs and making progress. There are 2 things that I know […]

Sam & Jessica | Moving To Hawaii | Book 1


  Something clicked in my brain this week and after months and months of learning everything I could about how to write a novel, the day has come where I have to start putting words down. Right now I’m in the outlining process. So far, I’m sure how the story starts and I’m sure how […]

Konafriends Hostel


Sometimes when the universe says no, you have to step back and rethink a decision. What I mean by that is, the Konafriends building has been for sale since late September and there hasn’t been one offer. Priced at $1.2 million, that definitely narrows our list of potential buyers. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? What […]

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